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By ChF from Berkeley, CA On 08/25/2022

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Overall quality can be a lot lot better

First of all I love the concept of being able to use natural ingredients just salt, water and vinegar to make a multipurpose sanitizer/disinfectant. The science behind it implies it iis effective as it claims but as a consumer this part I don’t have a way to test so I can only hope it’s true. I bought 3 bottles and have been using for few months for home use only (I haven’t used for outdoors eg hotels, cars, etc as I feel safer using hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to disinfected in places where I am not able to assess if indeed clean AND sanitised. I always go with the principle Safety first). All 3 bottles seem to be working fine but I recently I noticed some issues are starting to show up 1)cables Malfunctioning and then the following week one completely Didn’t work and one started to heat up and smells like burning so I stopped using it. 2)plastic materials used for the bottles are the kind that seem to break easily in time as in the case of 1 bottle 3)I now have to run the cycle 2x

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Merchant response for this review:

Hi, Thanks for the review. :-) We are sorry you had these issues with your SaniTru units. We are sending you three new units free of charge. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 1-800-735-4870 Our Customer Support Hours are: Monday through Friday 7 AM to 4 PM PT Saturday 7 AM to 3 PM PT